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CS - Hush (CND Productions) - HD

Добавлено 2 января 2010, с комментарием:
The comp intro is dark however well done. The intro to the movie is also very done minus the 15 second Chinese logo. Love the title screen. This movie features something I have never seen before, vibrant colors and silhouette players. Focusing less on the frags per say and more on the physics. The textures bring this to life, and the chapters (especially huntress) were also very nicely done. This point scores big in the creativity department, the editing may not appear to be much to the untrained eye, but a lot of time and effort went into this movie. Very creative, awesome soundtrack and two thumbs up from me.

Reviewed By: Jinxed
Review Score: 9.6
Категория: Игры, киберспорт
173 ролика
34 подписчика
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