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The Future of Football - Young Talents 2012

Добавлено 1 января 2013, с комментарием:

A video showcasing the talents and attributes of the 75 most promising young players in football today. Enjoy.

The 75 players featured in this video were selected and discussed by the members of Footylounge.org. Any abuse or profanity in regards to players being omitted will result in such comment being deleted. Respect others opinions. Thankyou. www.footylounge.org

All details regarding club, ages and positions are all relevant as of the date of upload. I do expect several of these youngsters to move clubs this summer.

Apologies for the Standard definition quality. There was no chance my computer was going to be able to render 12 minutes of footage in HD quality!

1 - Immediate Music - Believe
2 - Linkin Park - New Divide
3 - Jakwob ft. Jetta - Electrify
4 - Feeder Shatter
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