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My Sunshine - Tiffany Alvord (Original Song)

Добавлено 2 января 2012, с комментарием:
iTunes: http://bit.ly/tiffanymydream
You can also order my entire album through PayPal: http://www.tiffanyalvord.com

Yayyy, my album, "My Dream" is finally here! (: Thank you so much for all the support guys!!! This is an original song on the album. It's the first song I decided to do a music video for. I wanted to give a big thank you to everyone that has supported me from the beginning and to all the new people that have been supporting me. It really is because of you that I've been able to come this far. #tiffanatics all the way :) Check out the other songs on the album and let me know what you think.

This video is really awesome! Zach is awesome! Be sure to check out Zach's channel here: http://www.youtube.com/finalcutking.

Thanks to Tate Music Group for producing the songs for this album! http://www.tatemusicgroup.com.

TMG produced all the songs except:
Heartbreak: produced by Kurt Hugo Schneider
Crazy Good: produced by Marty Rifkin

Much love, xoxo ~Tiffany
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