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Как завязать галстук.Необычный способ! 5

Добавлено 1 января 2013, с комментарием:
In this video I explain the advantages to the knot I invented: The Ellie Knot, Or E Knot for short (My name is Eliot, I couldnt resist). For the Tutorial go to:


Apologies for the quality and informality, I took it on my Samsung Galaxy Note in one single take.

In reality its a Double Windsor-Styled Atlantic knot, yet it looks like an Eldridge/Ediety knot.

The key difference is that with the Eldridge, Ediety, and other similarly named knots when you are done you have to wrap your tail partially around your neck underneath your collar, with my knot you have a proper small sided tail that you can clip with a tie clip, like in a normal tie.

Another advantage is you can loosen and tighten your tie like a normal knot (sliding up the wide side rather than the narrow side mind you), whereas with the other knots you cant necessarily do this without exposing your funny collar tail.

I wouldn't have discovered this method without the Eldridge, Ediety, and Atlantic knot tutorials, so all thanks goes to the creators of those knots.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to ask!
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