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FingerSense iOS Demo | Qeexo.com

Добавлено 2 января 2013, с комментарием:

This is a demonstration of FingerSense running on an iPod Touch. See www.youtube.com for an overview of the FingerSense Technology.

Fingers have many "modes" - they do not just poke, as contemporary touchscreen interaction would suggest, but also flick, rub, knock, grasp, and many other actions.

Qeexo wants to bring new dimensions of touch to interactive surfaces, and make better use of the natural richness of our hands!

Our FingerSense technology is an enhancement to touch interaction that allows screens to know how the finger is being used for input: fingertip, knuckle or nail. Further, our system can support a passive stylus. Performance is realtime, low-latency, and power efficient.
Категория: Технологии, наука
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