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Samsung Galaxy Camera as Daily Driver: An Experiment

Добавлено 3 января 2013, с комментарием:
We've taken you on a software tour and we've shown you how it stacks up against the Galaxy S III - so the next logical step was to use the Samsung Galaxy Camera as our primary device for a weekend. Right?

We know what you're thinking, and the answer is no: this wasn't just a stunt. We really wanted to find out if the Galaxy Camera, which runs the full version of Android Jelly Bean on hardware sporting a cellular radio, could substitute as a daily device for a tiny niche of users: shutterbugs who don't make a lot of phone calls, but do communicate in other ways, like via social media, IM, and SMS. It's similar to the question that came up when tablets first became popular: could I carry this instead of a phone, or in addition to something simple like a dumbphone? Is that possible? Is it workable?

To find out, watch our video above, then check out our detailed impressions in text form at Pocketnow.

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