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Dan & Blair | Find a Way

Добавлено 1 января 2011, с комментарием:
This is what happens when Catarina tries to make a storyline XD
Basically, I was searching for an idea and then I saw bumcrackmosh 's CB vid and I thought it was a perfect song for Daiiiiir :DD And can you believe it's a video over 2 min. made in less than 24 hours? hehe What happened? ^^ Well, I guess that's why the manips and editing are not the best I've done (and there are a few mistakes) but I still hope all you DB fans like it! =)
FYI, the storyline might be a little confusing in some parts! :P

D: Why don't we just fastfoward all of this weirdness and be friends?
B: I'm sorry. But I'm done.
D: I love you.
B: Do you have a date to Georgina's party?
S: Make a wish Blair!
B: It already didn't come true.

Song by Safety Suit

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