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Largest Crocodile In The World Caught In Philippines

Добавлено 8 сентября 2011, с комментарием:
21-foot killer crocodile captured in Phillipines

Following a series of attacks on animals and humans, a giant saltwater crocodile weighing upwards of one ton has been captured in a small southern Philippine village,reported the BBC.

Weighing an astonishing 2,370 pounds and measuring close to 21 feet long, the reptile was captured alive and could very well be the biggest ever caught, according to officials.

"Based on existing records, the largest that had been captured previously was 18 feet long," said Josefina de Leon, wildlife division chief of the environment ministry's protected area and wildlife bureau.

"This is the biggest animal that I've handled in 20 years of trapping."

The BBC reports that saltwater crocodiles can live for more than a century and usually don't grow longer than 23 feet at the most.

At least one attack on a human was reported around the village of Bunawan, beginning a hunt for the crocodile in mid-August. It took roughly a dozen men to secure the animal.

There is still debate as to whether or not the huge crocodile is the one responsible for the killing.

"We're not really sure if this is the man-eater," said head of the hunt Rollue Sumiller, "because there have been other sightings of other crocodiles in the area."

by Alex Mangini, Staff Writer
Категория: Природа, животные
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