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The Best Drum and Bass (D'n'B) Song Ever (MUST-SEE!)

Добавлено 2 января 2012, с комментарием:
Drum Bass Remix | http://j.mp/_Subscribe | http://fb.me/pandadnb |
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Sidius - September 2009 Studio Mix █ █ █ █ █
Panda presents Sidius. The Drum & Bass producer that is just off launching his first imprint STEAM Recordings along with fellow producer WAYZ and releasing the killer EP "Waking The Dead". He brings us a selection of his latest tunes blended in top speed in just 20 minutes. Leave your appreciation in the comments! (1M plays @ 2011-01-14)
Out now: WAYZ & Sidius - Waking the Dead (Steam Recordings)
Out now: WAYZ & Sidius - Gritpit (Steam Recordings)
Out now: Rawkus & Sidius - Alive (Steam Recordings)
Out now: Rawkus & Sidius - Gargoyle (Steam Recordings)
Out now: Sidius - Feel my heart (Sound Artillery)
Out now: Sidius - Cruise Line (dub)
Sidius started out writing music when he was 16, heavily influenced by the sounds of The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers and the emerging sound of Big Beat, he found his love of electronic music with an energetic vibe. It was when he was first introduced to the sounds of Drum and Bass however that he truly found his calling. The Urban Takeover classic "Man of Steel" by Vinyl Syndicate, made him realise the impact that could be created with well chosen samples and a bassline to make your chest rattle. From that point on he always wanted to create music with a fun, energetic yet dirty sound and spent the next few years building his production skills through collaborations with friends and self taught compositions.

But it was when he crossed path with another budding producer in the form of Wayz that he really had his eyes opened. Wayz's energetic and hook filled tracks instantly caught the ear of Sidius, and over the following years they began to craft a sound that encapsulated everything they loved about Drum and Bas
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