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Bite Me Borneo [Nat Geo] 2010 4/4

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National Geographic: Bite Me Borneo

National Geographic: Bite Me Borneo

National Geographic: Bite Me Borneo

Whether it is an acid-spewing ant or an explosive beetle, Dr. Mike Leahy is on the lookout for the creepiest crawlies in this action-packed series. Scouring the globe for some of the most advanced killers in the animal kingdom, Mike proves that size does not matter when it comes to posing the biggest threat to humans.

Under the watchful eye of medics Mike endeavours to understand the science behind their secret weapons, and highlight how to avoid an unwanted close encounter. A doctor of virology by trade, Mike climbs a 30-metre mountain of cockroach-infested bat guano in Borneo and gets knee-deep in mud in search of tiny lethal creatures. He also gets up close and personal with nasty parasites, triple-threat lizards and a frisky fish able to weave its way right up into a human’s urethra.

Episode 3: Borneo
In Borneo, Mike encounters the giant pitcher plant that has a large opening that contains a corrosive broth. It slowly digests any insect or small mammals unlucky enough to fall inside.
Категория: Природа, животные
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