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Ella & Jonah - Sour Cherry (Melrose Place)

Добавлено 1 января 2011, с комментарием:
My new Ella and Jonah vid from Melrose Place!

DISCLAIMER: ANY VIDEOS NOT UPLOADED ON THIS CHANNEL (GlitteryRockstar) OR MY BACK-UP CHANNEL (xGlitteryRockstarx), ARE NOT ME! Any similar usernames created after mine are NOT ME! Don't be misled!

**Please do not STEAL my vids or COPY my editing!**

Okay, I need to vid Ella and Jonah more often cause they're one of my fav couples! They're so fun to watch and they're so hot together! I love that Jonah brings out the sweet side of Ella and that she brings out the feisty side in Jonah! It's a winning combination!

So after tonight's season finale I was like, what was Jonah thinking to kiss Riley? Ahh, I was so bummed for Ella cause she really cared for Jonah and believed in him! He'd better realize he made a HUGE mistake cause Ella was the best thing that ever happened to him! I hope Melrose Place gets renewed so we can see what happens next between them and the rest of the cast!! Every episode kept getting better and better!

So anyway, this vid is about Ella and Jonah's flirtation, and Ella wondering if she's really gonna be the only girl for Jonah. I hope you all like it! =)

Katie Cassidy as Ella Simms
Michael Rady as Jonah Miller
Fandom: Melrose Place
Категория: Кино, ТВ, телешоу
109 роликов
14 подписчиков
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