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Let us protect Kok-Jailau

Добавлено 18 мая 2015, с комментарием:
Let us protect Kok-Jailau -- one of the most popular spots in the Ile-Alatau National Park!

Ecological Society Green Salvation has started collecting signatures under a petition for protection of Kok-Jailau. Kok-Jailau valley is located on the territory of Ile-Alatau National Park. Akimat (Mayor's Office) of the city of Almaty is planning on developing a new ski resort in this area.

The project includes construction of an international resort with a total length of the ski tracks of over 100 km, construction of ski tows, hotels, restaurants, retail and entertainment centers; development of infrastructure -- auto road, auto parking, electrical and water supply facilities! All of this is going to be developed at the expense of the state budget! With a consideration that private investors will build-up the resort with commercial and residential estate later on!

Thus, very soon Almaty residents can lose their beloved place of recreation where the quite and beautiful wild nature will be at first replaced by the roar of machinery, and later - by the ski resort with endless fences all-around the private land plots.

We call everybody who cares about the future of the National Park to support the Petition for protection of Kok-Jailau, which will be sent to the President, members of the Parliament, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Tourism and Sport, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Akimat (Mayor's Office) of the city of Almaty, and political parties of the country.
More details: http://www.greensalvation.org/en/index.php?page=KokJailau
You may sign the petition: http://webanketa.com/forms/68wk2d9r5xj3jsb4c9hp6d0/
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