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Airplanes - BoB Ft Hayley Williams (Jeff Hendrick feat. Julia Sheer Cover)

Добавлено 2 января 2011, с комментарием:
Download this version of Airplanes on itunes here!:

First!, I don't proclaim myself a rapper, haha. Not one of my forte's! but it was fun! decided to do a produced cover of Airplanes because I love it so much :) It was all done here in my studio, keys, guitar, synth, bass, and vox done myself, and Julia with her fabulous vocal. Wanted to do a video so i could share it with everyone! Been listening to Hayley (Paramore) since the beginning. Asked Julia to sing Hayley's part on the track and she captured it perfectly. Thanks Julia! There are some live portions of the video and some that we more of made a "music video" for obviously ;). Hope you enjoy! Thank you so much to my subscribers!

Airplanes (Part I) (as originally performed by B.O.B featuring Hayley Williams)
Written by: Alex Grant, Justin Franks, Bobby Simmons, Tim Sommer & Jeremy Dussolliet
Published by Universal Music Publishing / WB Music Corp
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