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Sam & Freddie...You keep me wide awake. (100 subs! :D)

Добавлено 1 января 2011, с комментарием:

I know the first thing people will say about this video is that I copied ColoursOfTheDawn's style. That's not the case; I was really inspired by her Seddie video "Inspired..." and I started to work on this video, but before I uploaded (before I even finished), I messaged her and asked her if it was okay. She said it was, so if you were thinking I copied her, chill out :P

So! Did you like this style, slow and not too effecty? See, I don't really think I have a "style". Like, I can make flashy videos like I do for epicofthefuture, and I can make videos like these. I like doing both, so really, my style is just "vidding". xD

ALSO. Thank you SOSOSOSOSO much for 100 subs! Really, it doesn't seem like much, but it was for me, it means a lot, so thank you. :) Let's hope we can get to way more than that. ;D

If you're reading this, comment and tell me if you liked this video :) I know most people don't read the underbar xD By the way, there are like two TINY mistakes in this video that annoy the crap outta me but I didn't feel like rendering again...Let's hope ya don't notice. ;D

Song is Burn The Night Away by There For Tomorrow.

Thanks so much!

Twitter -- http://twitter.com/heytherekaiters
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